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Contemporary fireplace designs

24.04. - 21.10.2018

Students of the Muthesius Art School Kiel develop new fireplaces using clay for the historic rooms in Blankenburg Castle. However, not the completed works but the artistic processes from the focus of the exhibition.

"Fireplace design" is a Muthesius Art School Kiel (Abraham class) project for the Welfenschloss Blankenburg. The students’ objective was to develop new clay fireplaces for some of the castle’s historic rooms. Models which replace lost historic fireplaces. Until October 21, the exhibition in Cismar still shows the development process for these contemporary new interpretations of fireplaces - from their initial drafts up to implementation.

Whereas normally completed artistic works are normally the focus of exhibitions, initially the creative process is thematised in Cismar. One of the fireplaces specially created for the Welfenschloss Blankenburg will first be available for viewing with a 1:1 scale in October. The project will continue throughout the entire duration of the exhibition. The work process is visualised, further fireplace sculptures are formed.

Background: Ten students from the class for free art and pottery at the Muthesius Art School in Kiel (Almuth Baer, Anastasia Evdokunin, Andrés Enriquez, Nina Henrich, Annette Herbers, Jinhwi Lee, Annika Meier, Carolin Ott, Charlotte Payet, Hyojung Yun) and their teacher Kerstin Abraham have devoted themselves to the topic of fireplaces as history and sculptures.

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